EaMaSy Party Wrapped White Medium Weight Plastic Spork, Napkin, and Salt / Pepper Packets Kit


EaMaSy Party Wrapped White Medium Weight Plastic Spork, Napkin, and Salt / Pepper Packets Kit

ITEM NO.: D203006
MATERIAL : Food Grade PP
SIZE: Fork: 140X30mm Napkin:10''X8''
WEIGHT(g): Fork: 2.5g

Add convenience to take-out venues with this EaMaSy Partywrapped white medium weight plastic spork, napkin, and salt / pepper packets kit.

This set includes a spork, napkin, and salt and pepper packets so you can provide your guests with everything they need to enjoy their meal! Great for quick grab-and-go applications, this individually wrapped kit is a cleaner alternative to unwrapped plasticware. Plus, since it's all disposable, you won't have to worry about collecting and cleaning silverware at the end of meal service.

Individually Wrapped

Each individually-wrapped package contains a white, medium weight knife, fork, and spoon. Since each set is wrapped, your cutlery will not be exposed to any unwanted germs to help keep your customers happy and healthy! It also makes it easier to pack to-go orders since everything you need is in one packet!

Medium Weight Cutlery

The medium weight utensils provide just the right amount of stability with less material to help both the environment and your bottom line!

1-ply Napkin

In addition to the cutlery provided in this pack, a 8" x 10" dinner napkin is also included for guests to use throughout their meal.

Salt and Pepper Packets

The salt and pepper packetes provide guests with a way to add some extra seasoning to their dishes, if desired. Your operation will also see increased efficiency and productivity since the set is so easy to add to take-out orders and set tables.

Poshined Heavy Weight Plastic cutlery set with linen-feel napkin.Knife,Fork,Spoon are great for any event.
Pre-rolled and ready-to-use, you'll save time and labor at catering events and wedding receptions with this pre-rolled linen-feel white napkin and silver heavy weight plastic cutlery set. This all-in-one set is easy for your patrons to carry from the buffet to their table and is conveniently disposable for a quick cleanup!



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